Information Day in Waterford hosted an Information Day in Waterford city to coincide with their being appointed as distributors in Ireland of the latest Mobileye range of collision avoidance systems.

The systems can be retrofitted to older cars and commercial vehicles. Representatives from the insurance and motor industry came together to hear about this unique system and its benefits from Mobileye experts and to try it out for themselves in a fleet of test cars.

The system, which includes six ADAS features – well-known on new cars – can be retrofitted into nearly any vehicle. It is expected that fleet operators, ever mindful of the importance of driver safety, both in terms of human life and its financial implications, will be primary adopters of the collision avoidance system.

ADAS features increasingly come as standard on new vehicles, but up until now there was almost no means for Irish motorists and companies to retrofit such features to their existing cars or fleets.

The retrofit system is made by Mobileye, an Intel company, and global leader in collision avoidance technology. Mobileye technology has been chosen by leading carmakers and more than 30 million vehicles currently on the road are equipped with it, whether built-in or aftermarket.

The Mobileye collision avoidance system includes six real-time safety alerts in one convenient unit, which can be installed at any of the dedicated centres across the country. The forward-facing camera identifies potentially dangerous situations and provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.

Speaking at the event, Gerry Fitzgibbon of explained: “With this technology we can make these safety features available not only to private or company cars, but also

for buses and large municipal vehicles, where we can supply systems specially designed to scan the specific blindspots and to address other challenges that drivers of these vehicles face. Indeed, in the initial distribution phase, we will be concentrating on spelling out the many benefits of these Mobileye systems to insurers, fleet operators and public transport operators in particular.”

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