For Cars and Vans: Mobileye 6 Series

6 System

Mobileye 6 Series


A collision avoidance system assists drivers by serving as a “third eye”, continuously reading the road ahead. It recognises potentially dangerous situations, and issues audio and visual alerts to help the driver in avoiding or mitigating a collision.

The Mobileye 6 Series incorporates a single forward-facing vision sensor, allowing vehicles to comply with the European Union regulation for Lane Departure Warning Systems.

As per the EU LDW standard, the 6 Series displays LDW alerts and also complies with indicating when the system is inactive. 


Pedestrian Collision Warning

Cyclists and pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users, as they are less likely to be identified by motorists.

Pedestrian Collision Warning provides a visual and audio warning up to two seconds before imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Forward Collision

Among the most common accidents caused by motorist fatigue or inattention are rear-end collisions. 

Forward Collision Warning constantly scans in front of the vehicle, detecting all types of vehicles in your path- including motorcycles.

Lane Departure

Leaving a lane unintentionally is a common cause of serious accidents. A fatal collision can occur within a split second.Lane Departure Warning recognises lane markings and detects when a vehicle departs from its driving lane; it identifies when the vehicle starts to drift from its lane without a turn signal, and instantly emits a visual and auditory warning, prompting the driver to refocus his or her attention to the wheel.*The 6 Series System allows vehicles to comply with EU regulation (351/2012) for Lane Departure Warning Systems.

Headway Monitoring Warning

Keeping a safe following distance between your vehicle and the one ahead is crucial. Should the vehicle ahead suddenly brake, a safe gap in distance ensures you can stop in time and prevent a collision. Headway Monitoring Warning issues visual and audio alerts should this distance become unsafe.

hibeam control300


At night, the high beams of approaching vehicles are a dangerous and annoying experience as they can momentarily blind a driver. Intelligent High-Beam automatically lowers and raises the high beams without inconveniencing oncoming or preceding vehicles.
*Available only in certain geographical areas

Speed Limit

Mobileye developed a speed limit and traffic sign recognition function that keeps you aware of speed limits and signs while driving. Speed Limit Indication can “read” a sign and alert the driver should his or her vehicle exceed the speed limit posted.
*Recognises signs declared valid by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals