Mobileye 8 Connect™ next-generation collision avoidance

Now available in Ireland from, the new Mobileye 8 Connect™ is a unique AI-powered system that combines collision avoidance alerts with g-sensor data to provide a powerful picture of a fleet’s safety performance.

Through cloud connectivity, an optional fleet platform, greater range, 10x improvement in accuracy, a wider-angle camera lens and a g-sensor to detect harsh braking, accelerating and cornering, the new Mobileye 8 Connect™ provides next-generation aftermarket collision avoidance.

Based on two decades of stress testing algorithms against real-life driving situations, the system’s AI is able to identify potential hazards and alert drivers in real-time. Mobileye Connect 8 can even detect pedestrians and cyclists at night.

Alongside driver warnings relating to lane departure, potential pedestrian/cyclist collisions, forward collisions and speed limits,  the platform incorporates valuable Driving Metrics which  give fleet managers concrete insights into drivers’ safety-related behaviour, vehicle tracking, and compliance, ensuring they can give drivers the support they need.

In addition, Over-the-air updates ensure fleets benefit from new features, future-proofing their technology purchase.

Mobileye 8 Connect™ can be purchased here for €975 incl. VAT.